Steve Wright, PE

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Vice President
Market Area: 
Solid Waste
Areas of Expertise: 

Landfill assessment and closure, transfer station design, and solid waste management planning and permitting.  Extensive experience serving municipal clients for more than 25 years, serving as lead design engineer and project manager on multiple assignments.

With Sanborn Head Since: 2015

M.S., Civil Engineering, Northeastern University, 1995
B.S., Civil Engineering, University of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, 1988

Why did you join Sanborn Head?
Sanborn Head is a recognized leader in the solid waste consulting industry.  I wanted to join the company because of its depth of experience within the industry that I’ve practiced in for almost 30 years.  The opportunity to work on large, complex projects with a clearly talented team of professionals made it an easy decision to join the firm. 

What do you like best about Sanborn Head?
The people.  There’s a great team spirit that I’ve felt since I started here, which speaks well of the culture the company has.  I’ve also been impressed by the depth of experience and commitment at all levels of the company in producing high quality work. 

What inspires you most about your chosen profession and/or working at Sanborn Head?
I think what inspires me is what inspires many of us in this industry: the opportunity to take complex environmental issues that can pose significant problems and obstacles to our clients – and turn them into a success story.  What’s truly inspiring is when we achieve success at every level – from meeting the technical challenges, the scheduling demands, and the clients’ needs “on time and on budget”.  It’s such a clichéd saying, but that phrase “on time and on budget” is at the heart of what success in this business is all about.  We meet our clients needs, they’re pleased with our performance, and we completed the work profitably.  Often times that’s no easy challenge but the challenge itself can be like a runner’s high – it fuels you to excel.  That drive to excel can be its own source of inspiration – combined with the inspiration you get from the commitment and energy from the people you’re working with.  I should stop now – it’s sounding a little too Tony Robbins-ish.

Community Involvement
I fall down here – my community has been my home – and my involvement in that community has been trying to guide my three teenage kids in the right direction.  The jury is out on how well I’m doing, so maybe I should think about joining the local conservation commission or planning board – just to get out of the house!  I hear the people on those boards don’t ask to borrow the car too much and I don’t have to worry about who’s dating who. 

Fun Facts About Me
I can’t think of a single thing that I would define about me as a “fun fact”.  I’m not a deep sea diver, a spelunker, or a sky diver.  I also don’t want to say anything that sounds like it should be posted on  I like to think I have a decent sense of humor, which I draw on the most when I’m feeling the most stressed-out.  So if you see me laughing too much, look out, I probably had a bad day.