Congratulations to Sanborn Head Presenters

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It is with great pride that Sanborn Head congratulates the following staff members for presenting at the Federation of New York Solid Waste Associations Solid Waste & Recycling Conference (May 21-24):

  • Eric Steinhauser (Designing Landfill for Custodial Care, Is it Practical?)
  • Tim Reed (Building Information Modeling (BIM) Technology for Improved Landfill Design, Construction, and Operation )
  • Heather Little (Complex Solid Waste Air Permitting Issues: A Threat to Landfill Gas as an Alternative Fuel Source)
  • Lisa Damiano (Recovering Energy from Landfill Gas: An Environmental Benefit or Burden?)
  • Harrison Roakes & Steve Zemba (Emergence of PFAS)
  • Ryan Clay (The Battle to Control Surface Emissions and Limit Oxygen Intrusion at Municipal Solid Waste Landfills)

 It is a significant accomplishment to have that many presenters speaking at this premier event that attracts over 700 public and private sector solid waste and recycling professionals.   Congratulations to all!

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