Industrial Market Area

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Ownership and operation of industrial property entails many risks.  Industrial clients face potential for significant financial loss, as well as exposure to legal and regulatory enforcement actions associated with environmental conditions at current facilities, expansions, acquisitions, and divested holdings. 

“Words cannot fully express my sense of deep gratitude for the work that you are doing for [us]. I am especially appreciative of the thought and preparation that went into your presentation at EPA. It was a very proud moment for me to see our team lay out thoughtful and convincing explanations in a manner that was both constructive and instructive. Please accept my deep appreciation for all of your hard work that helped make this meeting a success.I’m looking forward to climbing the next mountain together.”

– Manager, Corporate Environmental Affairs

We guide our industrial clients in assessment, quantification, and management of environmental risk and related operational matters to both protect and enhance value. While we are “content” experts, we are also “context” experts – we marshal considerable technical experience in the context of the business objectives of our clients.

Protecting and enhancing value for industrial clients is a core mission of Sanborn Head.  We serve local, regional, and national industrial Clients.  In addition, a number of our Fortune 500 clients retain us for work on an international basis, and we have amassed considerable experience over 15 years at project sites in Canada, as well as Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, and South America.