Air Licensing Assistance

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Confidential Client:  Vermont
Project Owner:  Confidential
Professional Services:  Air Licensing Assistance

Sanborn Head provided air licensing assistance related to a hazardous most stringent emission rate (HMSER) analysis for facility-wide industrial operations.

Sanborn Head completed the analysis in accordance with best available control technology (BACT) evaluation guidance to assess available and appropriate control technologies for various emission sources.  An economic, energy, and environmental impact evaluation was conducted to support the evaluation using a “top-down” analysis approach.

This HMSER evaluation included the following steps: (1) Identifying control technologies for a source or emission unit; (2) Eliminating technically infeasible options; (3) Ranking the remaining control technologies by control efficiency; (4) Evaluating the most effective control options while considering energy, environmental, and economic impacts; and (5) Selecting the most effective control option (BACT).  Our findings, which were accepted by the governing regulatory agency, indicated that the current emission units were meeting the requirements of HMSER and BACT.