Former Industrial Property, CT

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Sanborn Head has been investigating a former industrial facility in Connecticut to assist our client in the development of closure strategies for the site.  Metals and VOCs, specifically PCE, TCE and their breakdown products, have been detected in site soil, groundwater, soil vapor and indoor air.  Sanborn Head developed a strategy for this site for movement through the Connecticut Property Transfer program, which includes the use of an Environmental Land Use Restriction (ELUR), and the installation of a soil vapor extraction (SVE) system, potentially coupled with a sub-slab ventilation system, for remediation of VOCs in site soil vapor and indoor air.  

Sanborn Head performed an SVE pilot test and sub-slab communication testing and designed an SVE system, which is currently operating.  Continued services on this project include ongoing operation and maintenance of the SVE system, evaluation of a sub-slab ventilation system, and annual groundwater sampling.