Former Manufacturing Facility, CT

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Sanborn Head completed a cost-benefit analysis of various disposition and site redevelopment options of a vacated 600,000 square foot industrial facility in Connecticut that dates back to the early 20th century, which included:  

  • A comprehensive review of historical plans to understand site utilities; 
  • Evaluation of groundwater elevation data and related impacts to historical drainage features; 
  • Evaluation of management alternatives for contaminated soil and groundwater during site redevelopment; 
  • Assessment of asbestos-containing building materials to inform potential disposition costs;
  • Development of conceptual land use plans; and 
  • Preparation of opinions of cost for each redevelopment option  
The redevelopment alternatives considered various levels of site cleanup and proposed end uses ranging from open park land to passive and active recreation to continued industrial operations.  The conceptual designs considered local site plan requirements related to landscaping, parking, and setbacks, and managing stormwater using low impact development techniques.  We worked closely with our client to develop a strategy for site disposition, and our client successfully sold the facility to another entity.
Other services provided for this site included Acquisition and Divestiture Support, vapor intrusion assessment of a chlorinated solvent plume, a Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA) PCB investigation, and RCRA hazardous waste storage area closures.