Industrial Client, NH

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Sanborn Head has provided air permitting and emissions modeling services for our client’s manufacturing facilities.  Our evaluation of industrial process emissions used unique analytical methods to improve operations, adding value by limiting regulatory impacts to the facility. 

We developed site-specific emission factors, completed facility-wide regulated toxic air pollutant (RTAP) and hazardous air pollutant (HAP) evaluations, and performed refined air quality dispersion modeling to demonstrate compliance with applicable regulatory thresholds.  Sanborn Head provided engineering support for the installation of a zeolite concentrator and catalytic oxidizer to reduce volatile organic compound emissions, allowing the facility to be permitted as a synthetic minor source, rather than as a Title V source. 

Other services included process and wastewater treatment engineering and industrial discharge permitting.  We continue to provide services related to the assessment of the regulatory impact of proposed operating practices for this valued client.