Industrial Client, NY

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Sanborn Head has completed a remedial investigation of chlorinated solvents in fractured siltstone bedrock at a former burn pit site. Contaminant mass has over time diffused into the rock matrix and is now slowly back-diffusing into groundwater flowing through the fractured rock.  Our investigation has defined the vertical and lateral extent and magnitude of contaminant mass in rock.

We have worked in close partnership with renowned University of Waterloo and University of Guelph researchers, applying innovative technologies used only at a handful of sites worldwide, including: 
  • Rock Core Analysis (CORETM) Technology;
  • Hydrogeophysical Logging of Boreholes 
  • Multi-Level FLUTeTM Systems and Short Screen Monitoring Wells 
  • Geophysical & Hydraulic Testing
  • High Spatial Resolution Direct Push Probes to Aid in Selecting Locations for Rock Core Sampling
  • Matrix Diffusion Concepts
Sanborn Head is currently performing a remedial feasibility study that includes bench scale and field pilot testing of potential remedial alternatives. Technologies currently under consideration include thermal desorption, enhanced biochemical degradation, hydraulic containment, and monitored natural attenuation. We also continue to support our client in their public outreach and risk communication related to the environmental conditions of the site.