Industrial Client, NY

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Sanborn Head conducted a Supplemental Remedial Investigation (SRI) at a former manufacturing facility that operated from the 1950s to the 1980s.  Quantifying and managing the residual environmental liabilities was a major value added for this client.  The key findings included: locally complex geology and hydrogeology, including two distinct water-bearing zones separated by a local silt/clay aquitard.  Contaminants included chlorinated solvents and Freons, with multiple source zones identified having distinct differences in contaminants, contaminant distribution, and localized geology/hydrogeology.  

Sanborn Head completed a remedial technology screening and testing consisting of:
  • Pilot testing of dual-phase and soil vapor extraction in three source zones;
  • Testing of enhanced bioremediation, including in situ testing – Biotrap® samplers and laboratory testing to measure bioattenuation of VOCs over several months, in background conditions and amended conditions; 
  • Enhanced hydraulic containment, including installation and testing of new wells, and vacuum-assisted extraction testing.
Additional testing and screening will be followed by remedy selection for each of five source zones.