Lime Production Facility

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Sanborn Head designed a well curtain to contain and treat elevated pH groundwater in the vicinity of on-site treatment ponds and a historical solids disposal area at a lime production facility. An extensive, 10-year hydrogeologic evaluation and site assessment activities completed by Sanborn Head demonstrated that typical landfill closure procedures were not appropriate for this site.  Sanborn Head designed a more cost- and technically-effective, long term solution to address the concern of elevated pH groundwater, both on- and off-site.  

Our design work included:
  • Groundwater modeling and pump testing to determine the location and number of extraction wells needed;
  • Completion and submission of a Corrective Action Design permit application; and
  • Production of a complete design and specifications package.
The nearly ½-mile long well curtain is anticipated to intercept up to 300 gallons per minute of elevated pH groundwater for on-site treatment in the facility’s industrial wastewater treatment system.  Installation of the extraction wells is anticipated to be completed in Fall 2010, and the entire system is anticipated to be up and running by the end of 2010.