Multi-Site Industrial Acquisition & Divestiture Services

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Sanborn Head assisted our multi-national industrial client with pre- and post-acquisition due diligence and site characterization services for the purchase of a $1.1 billion manufacturer, including 36 industrial properties averaging on the order of 250,000 sf of manufacturing space each, in seven states and nine countries (including locations in Asia, South America, and Europe). 

Working closely with our client’s legal and business teams, we completed initial assessment activities to identify key environmental liabilities and estimates of associated costs.  Subsequently, we provided assistance to the team in developing a negotiating strategy for the purchase. 

Sanborn Head completed Phase I Environmental Site Assessments at 35 of the facilities, Phase II services at 19 of the facilities, and oversight of remedial activities being completed by the former owner.  Contaminants of concern typically included chlorinated solvents, hydrocarbons, metals, and PCBs.  Our client was able to avoid assuming material liability associated with potential environmental conditions.

Sanborn Head later provided services related to divestiture of 14 of these sites, including assisting our client’s team of legal, financial, and strategic planning experts in understanding potential environmental liabilities involved with the sale of the sites and providing information related to environmental conditions to perspective buyers.  Our input was instrumental in mitigating negotiations that could otherwise become protracted due to environmental conditions.