Bath Municpal Landfill

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The City of Bath in Maine operates a municipal solid waste landfill that includes a gas collection and control system.

Sanborn Head helped the City address three challenges associated with landfill gas: 1) nuisance odors resulting in complaints from residents in nearby neighborhoods; 2) documented gas migration from the underlying, original unlined landfill; and 3) design of a gas collection system suitable for a carbon offset project and a gas-to-energy project.  We prepared gas generation and refined air dispersion models as part of an application for an air license to operate a gas combustion flare.  Over a two-year period, we successfully designed, permitted, and commissioned a comprehensive gas extraction and treatment system, and continued providing services to the City related to gas monitoring and compliance with the air license.  

Project Team
  • City of Bath - Client
  • Sanborn Head – Landfill Gas Engineering and Automated Controls
  • Sevee & Maher – Solid Waste Engineering