Fitchburg-Westminster Landfill

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Project Owner/Client:  Waste Management, Inc.
Professional Services:  Air Permitting

Sanborn Head assisted Waste Management (WM) with a range of air permitting services that allowed our client to maintain operations and manage compliance at its 104 acre Fitchburg/Westminster Landfill that is permitted to receive a total of 8.0 million megagrams (Mg) of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) in Sections 1, 2, and 3.

WM operates a gas collection and control system at the site. Based on the design capacity, the facility is subject to the New Source Performance Standards (NSPS) for MSW Landfills, although the site has not surpassed the uncontrolled emission rate of 50 Mg per year of non-methane organic compounds (NMOC) that would make operation of the gas collection system mandatory by the NSPS.

Members of Sanborn Head’s management and technical staff have provided consulting services for the landfill consisting of Title V Air Permit Renewal; Title V Air Permit Compliance Reporting; Source Registration submittals; greenhouse gas (GHG) reporting; NMOC sampling and emissions updates; and annual flare inspections. Sanborn Head has also assisted Waste Management with the development of an air-permit compliance-tracking solution to allow the facility to demonstrate compliance with monthly and quarterly record-keeping requirements using a spreadsheet that allows for data input with automatic calculation of monthly and rolling average emissions.

Sanborn Head provided permitting assistance for the site’s landfill gas-to-energy (LFGTE) facility, successfully applying for a “Non-Major Comprehensive Plan Approval” to increase the output of the facility from 7.0 to 8.0 megawatts (MW). Historically, the facility’s landfill gas collection and control system in the older portion of the landfill (Sections 1 and 2) transmitted landfill gas via pipeline to an off-site client, however, the on-site LFGTE facility (with flare backup) now controls gas from Sections 1, 2, and 3.