Lanchester Sanitary Landfill

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The Chester County Solid Waste Authority (CCSWA) owns and operates the award-winning Lanchester Sanitary Landfill in Honey Brook, PA. The facility is located on 600 acres in southeastern Pennsylvania and serves over 375,000 residents.  The landfill includes over 160 acres of landfill, where landfill gas is extracted and used for renewable energy.  Since 2009, Sanborn Head has provided data management and reporting services to CCSWA initially related to leachate recirculation and more recently for landfill gas management.    

Through implementation of Sanborn Head’s proprietary Landfill Gas Management SuiteTM, Sanborn Head developed an innovative method to document leachate recirculation operations at the Lanchester Sanitary Landfill.  In doing so, we were able to provide the Chester County Solid Waste Authority with a streamlined method for interactive data management and regulatory reporting.  Furthermore, Landfill Gas Management SuiteTM is used by CCSWA and its landfill gas recovery operator to manage and quickly troubleshoot the landfill gas extraction system.
Project Team
  • Chester County Solid Waste Authority – Client
  • Granger Energy – Landfill Gas Recovery Operator
  • Sanborn Head – Interactive Data Management and Reporting