Martone Sanitary Landfill

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As one of North America’s largest comprehensive waste management companies, Waste Management, Inc. serves nearly 20 million municipal, industrial, and residential customers.  Waste Management, Inc. employs innovative environmental management practices throughout its network of more than 250 active disposal sites.

At the Martone Sanitary Landfill in Barre, MA, Sanborn Head worked with Waste Management to reduce liquid levels in vertical gas extraction wells to increase the volume of gas delivered to the on-site landfill gas-to-energy facility.  We designed a pumping system that is operated coincident with the landfill gas extraction system.  Sanborn Head prepared the design and state permit application documents, as well as the construction documents for the dual-fluid extraction system.  Dewatering of the wells was accomplished using pneumatic submersible pumps, and the liquid removed was discharged to the on-site leachate management system.  

Project Team  
  • Waste Management - Client
  • Sanborn Head – Site Civil and Solid Waste Engineering