NEWSVT Landfill

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Casella Waste Systems, Inc.’s NEWSVT Landfill in Coventry, Vermont is the site of the largest landfill gas-to-energy facility in the state.

To make beneficial use of landfill gas, Casella Waste Systems and Sanborn Head worked together to assess the gas production potential of the NEWSVT Landfill and moved forward with the landfill gas-to-energy project. Through refined air dispersion modeling, we demonstrated compliance with air quality standards and permits were issued for the project. The NEWSVT landfill is a model solid waste management facility which generates 8 Megawatts of energy from landfill gas.

Project Team
  • Casella Waste Systems - Client
  • Sanborn Head – Solid Waste, Landfill Gas, and Air Quality Engineering; Interactive Data Management
  • Washington Electric Cooperative – Landfill Gas-to-Energy Facility Owner
  • Innovative Energy Systems – Operations and Maintenance