Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill

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Waste Management, Inc. operates the City of Honolulu’s Waimanalo Gulch Sanitary Landfill on the island of Oahu, Hawaii.  When the original leachate sump sideslope riser pipe collapsed, Waste Management needed to develop a replacement riser to continue managing leachate in the landfill cell.  

Based on the success of Sanborn Head’s project staff with an innovative landfill sump riser replacement at another Waste Management landfill, we were retained to design the replacement sump riser pipe and associated pumping system at the Hawaii landfill.  We coordinated over a dozen different contractors, consultants, and regulatory agencies while obtaining the permits to complete the installation.  In the field, we oversaw the installation of the riser pipe and the associated pumping system and controls.  Successful construction of the riser pipe has allowed continued operation of the solid waste facility.
Project Team
  • Waste Management - Client
  • Sanborn Head – Solid Waste Engineering and Automated Controls