Heather Little, PG

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Senior Project Manager
Market Area: 
Solid Waste
Areas of Expertise: 

– Air Permitting/Licensing
– Air Dispersion Modeling
– NSPS, NESHAP, Air Permit Compliance for MSW Landfills
– Solid Waste Operating Permit Compliance

With Sanborn Head Since: 2004

Princeton University, AB, Geosciences
University of New Mexico, M.S., Earth and Planetary Science
Professional Geologist – New Hampshire

What Is It Like To Work at Sanborn Head?
Working at Sanborn Head is challenging while simultaneously fulfilling.  A lot is expected of me as an employee, and I appreciate the opportunities to rise to new challenges.  In addition to my work with clients, I am proud to chair Sanborn Head’s Environmental Stewardship Committee.  We are looking at our carbon footprint and assessing ways we might be able to reduce our impact.

What Do You Like Best About Sanborn Head?
An underlying theme at Sanborn Head is “Do The Right Thing.”  Whenever I am tasked with making a decision related to a client, a project, or an employee, finding my way is not difficult.  I know if I do what is right for everyone involved, Sanborn Head will stand behind the decision.

Professional Activities
– Solid Waste Association of North America,
– Air & Waste Management Association

Fun Facts About Me
I’ve always been involved in and take great pleasure in winter activities including skiing (alpine and nordic), women’s ice hockey, and sledding.  With young children, I now relish being able to take part in these activities with my family, even if only in 20 minutes increments.