Due Diligence & Conceptual Site Design

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Often the greatest risks that need to be identified, understood, and overcome at any development or redevelopment site are located beneath the ground surface.

These potential risks include:

  • Significantly contaminated soils and/or groundwater
  • Buried debris or wastes
  • Unsuitable soils to support the anticipated building loads
  • Low permeability soils, unsuitable for wastewater or stormwater infiltration
  • Historic wetlands that were filled without the necessary permits
  • Shallow bedrock
Our clients have found that a combined environmental, hydrogeologic, and geotechnical due diligence assessment is the key to preliminary conceptual site design.  In too many instances we have seen developers proceed too far down the design path on a detailed site plan without understanding the geologic, hydrologic, and environmental constraints at a site.  Those conditions will directly determine the potential premium costs required for foundations, retaining walls, hazardous material remediation and regulatory compliance, stormwater management, and wastewater and water supply systems.

We understand what it takes to make a site work with respect to subsurface conditions.  Helping our clients understand how or why a proposed development program may or may not be able to “fit” on a particular property is our first objective and our opportunity to add strategic value. 

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