Water Resources

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Sanborn Head believes that water is the critical resource linking together all human activities, and the safe and appropriate management of this resource is the key to our shared future. 

Understanding the factors that control the movement of water in the subsurface as well as evolving regulations and policy are critical for the development of a new source of water, the infiltration of water in the subsurface, or the structural safety of an earthen dam.  Sanborn Head has the staff to lead our clients, ranging directly from site owners to site civil designers, from the conceptual state through to the system design.  Our staff routinely develops creative solutions to address competing water resource demands, helping our clients to permit and construct vibrant, forward thinking projects. 

Engineering and hydrogeological services we typically provide is this area include:

  • Inspection, design, and permitting of dams
  • Design and permitting of stormwater management systems
  • Design and permitting of wastewater infiltration systems
  • Evaluation of water supply resource areas
  • Design and permitting water supply wells
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Development Services