Acquisition & Divestiture

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When acquiring or divesting a business or industrial property, a thorough understanding of environmental risk is crucial to facilitate strategic decision-making.  We provide our industrial and financial clients with transaction support services throughout the deal cycle and work closely with them and their legal teams to limit exposure to risks from current and legacy environmental issues, while also revealing new business opportunities.

We facilitate informed deal-making by quickly and concisely distilling due diligence information down to the material issues, accurately quantifying those issues, and providing practical advice for managing them.  Supported by our network of due diligence professionals, our corporate acquisitions and divestitures team routinely participates in multi-national industrial portfolio transactions, with values ranging from $10 million to over $1 billion.

Our range of services includes:

  • Preliminary Transactional Risk Screening
  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ASTM/AAI)
  • Risk Identification and Quantification
  • Environmental, Health and Safety Compliance Assessment
  • Future Business and Site Use Planning
  • Buyer and Seller Negotiation Strategy
  • Pre-Divestiture Planning
  • Post-Acquisition Integration
  • Facility Closure and Decommissioning
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