An Interactive Landfill Gas Data Evaluation Tool

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Sanborn Head offers an interactive, internet-based, landfill gas data evaluation tool known as Landfill Gas Management Suite™ (LFGMS). This on line-based system allows our clients to efficiently store, manage, and analyze landfill gas data on both small (individual well) and large (GCCS performance) scales. Using the internet-based system, landfill gas data uploaded by a technician can be remotely monitored by environmental managers and landfill owners.

 Landfill Gas Management Suite™ includes capabilities to:

  • Import and store wellfield monitoring data (collected using instruments such as Landtec's GEM-2000™, Elkins Earthworks' Envision™ gas meter, or a Flame Ionization Detector) to a secure website with the click of a button;
  • Graph historical trends in wellfield data;
  • Detect NSPS temperature, pressure, and oxygen exceedances;
  • Automatically notify users of NSPS compliance issues and status;
  • Manage maintenance / corrective actions related to NSPS compliance;
  • Track NSPS monitoring deadlines;
  • Manage surface emissions monitoring data including follow-up scan deadlines and corrective actions;
  • Manage wellfield data such as a well's variance status, drilled depth, flow device type, coordinates, and installed / removed dates; and
  • Provide interactive maps of the landfill to evaluate data trends and problem areas of the landfill.

The real-time internet-based management of landfill gas data reduces the resources needed for data management and data evaluation while allowing for effective control of landfill gas to meet regulatory compliance, mitigate odors, and increase energy production at both active and closed municipal solid waste landfills.

 For more information or to log in to our demo Landfill Gas Management Suite™ internet site, please send an e-mail for a trial username and password.

Click the links below to try our demo or view a tutorial:

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Mapping/graphing/data management video

Real-time telemetry

Electronic tablets

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